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The Blount County Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1920 by the Kiwanis Club. Today the Blount Chamber has more than 3,000 members whose mission is to develop a robust economic base by providing members access to information as well as business resources and activities that enhance the quality of life for all who live, work and play in our region. The vision statement of the Blount Chamber is to be the leading catalyst for creating a cooperative, productive and prosperous community.

The Blount Chamber serves under the direction of a 12-member Board, employees a staff of 27 and is a part of a four organization alliance known as the Blount Partnership. The members of this alliance are the Economic Development Board of Blount County, Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority, Blount Chamber Foundation and of course, the Blount Chamber of Commerce. Although the members of the partnership share office space, supplies and staff members, each organization is governed by a separate Board of Directors and a separate budget with different funding streams. The common goal of a thriving economic base makes this partnership very successful. The Blount Chamber is not part of any government, political party or social service organization.

Vision Statement 

The Blount Partnership will earn a national reputation as the primary catalyst for this region's competitive success and economic prosperity, steeped in strong tradition and leadership.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Blount Partnership is to promote economic growth and stability, foster community development and enhance the overall quality of life in the region.

Core Values

Integrity – Operating with the highest ethical standards that promote relationships and build trust

Innovation – Encouraging unique approaches in meeting and maximizing opportunities

Goodwill -- Ensuring a welcoming community to new businesses and residents while fostering a full cultural dynamic that is peaceful, inclusive and safe

Stewardship – Encouraging responsible approaches and management relative to economic, human and natural resources

Alliance – Leading and facilitating partnership and dialogue opportunities that evolve productive discourse, relationships, democracy and decision-making throughout all sectors of the community

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